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Convert RCA VOC to MP3, WAV, WMA, AC3, M4A, AIFF, AAC, FLAC, etc.

Easy way to convert VOC to MP3 or WAV (Mac / Windows)


This article will provide a professional VOC Converter and a step by step guide on how to convert RCA Digital Voice Recorder .voc files to any other audio formats. Then it is just easy to solve the following VOC conversion and playback issues:

  • I recorded some important audio files by RCA Digital Voice Recorder in the meeting, but the Windows Media Player said it is VOC and incompatible.
  • I find a beautiful song on the web, but it's VOC format, which can't be played on my phone.
  • How to open VOC files on my iPhone, iPod, Mac?
  • VOC format is incompatible on Mac or/and Windows, what can I do?
  • How to convert VOC to MP3?
  • How can I convert VOC format to a more compatible one like MP3, WAV, etc.
  • Is there a powerful tool for VOC converting?
  • Is there any VOC Converter to convert RCA Digital Voice Recorder .voc files to a more compatible audio format like convert VOC to MP3?
  • How to convert VOC to Mac or Apple more friendly format like convert VOC to AAC, Apple Lossless ALAC M4A, AIFF to play VOC files on Mac iTunes, iPod and etc?

How to Deal With VOC Conversion or Playback?

At present, there are two approaches to solve these problems:

1. Download a VOC player

After searching on the internet, we finally make the conclusion that a VOC player is usually not available.

2. Convert VOC to MP3, WAV or other more commonly used audio format

The second method seems easier to do, but a powerful and reliable tool is not that easy to get. We usually download some apps, only to find they can not convert VOC, or the app is hard to handle, or the operation steps are too complex to follow.

If ever encountered the above issues, you come to the right place. The following part of this article will present you an easy and fast tool, the name of this VOC converter is Allavsoft, one of its competent function is converting VOC to more compatible format like MP3, WAV, WMA, etc.

Make Preparation: Free download VOC converter

Free download the professional VOC converter app - Allavsoft ( for Windows , for Mac) , install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.

Convert VOC to MP3, WAV

Step 1 Add VOC files

Click "Browse..." button to import VOC files which you want to convert. Or simply drop your VOC audios into this VOC converter.

Convert VOC to MP3

Step 2 Define output audio format

Click the "Convert to" drop-down button to select output audio format from the "General Audio" category. People usually choose MP3 or WAV as the target format.

Step 3 Complete VOC converting

Click the "Convert" button to finish VOC converting.

Edit Function

Apart from converting VOC files, this powerful VOC converter can also edit VOC recording, like trim VOC audio, increase or decrease VOC audio volume, etc. The following shows the detailed guidance:

  • Adjust VOC audios volume: Drag the volume bar to increase VOC audio volume or decrease VOC voice.

  • Select desirable VOC parts for converting: If you want to choose one part of the VOC file for converting, please check before the "Cut Video" button, then set the "Start Time" and "End Time" you desired.

Brief Introduction of VOC

VOC was created by Creative Labs (famous in audio field)--which is the first one to bring audio card to PC. VOC, composed by two parts: header block and data block was applied by sound blaster as the audio format. It originally spread widely with the common use of DOS system, even once became the standard audio format. However, with the born and development of Windows system, which provides a new format-- WAV as its standard audio format and doesn't apply VOC directly, VOC gradually became inferior. Excluded by Windows system brings disaster for VOC as well as users. This terrible phenomenon results in the fact that VOC can't be opened in most audio player like Windows Media Player.

Video Downloader/Converter

Allavsoft for Mac

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