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How to Download YouTube Subtitles When Downloading YouTube Videos?


  • Hi, yesterday I watched a good video on YouTube, but when I downloaded it to my pc, only the video but not the caption is downloaded. Can anyone offer me some solutions? Thanks in advance.
  • I am watching YouTube video for learning English, but the app I used did not have option to include English subtitles and the saved video has no subtitle at all. Can someone recommend a good YouTube downloader to help me to download YouTube subtitles when downloading YouTube videos?

Nowadays many users like to watch videos in foreign subtitles, which can not only help users to enjoy different video culture but also can help users to learn some difficult foreign language in entertainment. So downloading subtitles when downloading video is in high demand.

Do you also have the need to download YouTube subtitles when downloading YouTube videos? The following article just aims to share a professional YouTube subtitle downloader and its step by step guide on downloading YouTube subtitles.

Key Features of YouTube Subtitle Downloader - Allavsoft

  • Download YouTube subtitles in any available language: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, Italian, German, etc when downloading YouTube video.
  • Download videos as well as subtitles from YouTube on Mac and Windows computer.
  • Download YouTube subtitles in formats, like .srt, sbv or .sub, .mpsub, .lrc, .cap, etc when downloading YouTube videos.
  • Download videos with subtitles from YouTube, Viki and other video websites.
  • Support to download YouTube videos with subtitles in batch.
  • 30X faster downloading speed and recommended as the fastest YouTube subtitles downloader among all.

How to Download YouTube Subtitles with Allavsoft?

The step by step below will guide you to download your needed YouTube subtitles.

Make Preparation: Free download YouTube Subtitles Downloader

Free download the professional YouTube Subtitles Downloader - Allavsoft ( for Windows , for Mac) , install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.

 YouTube Subtitles Downloader

Step 1 Enter YouTube video and subtitles URL

Open YouTube website and click the categories to find your loved YouTube video with subtitles, and then add this video URL to Allavsoft by copy and paste function or by drag and drop function.

Note: Not all of YouTube videos are with available subtitles. The YouTube video with subtitles has a white \"CC\" icon near the bottom right corner of the YouTube video.

How to Download YouTube Video with subtitles?

Step 2 Set final output format (Optional)

By default setting Allavsoft will save your loved YouTube video with your chosen subtitles to YouTube original video format. But saving YouTube video with your chosen subtitles is also available by clicking "Automatically Convert to" button.

Step 3 Start to download YouTube video with subtitles

Click "Download" button to start to download the YouTube video with your chosen subtitles.

More Info about YouTube Subtitles

Of course you can upload subtitles when uploading video to YouTube, but if you do not have the subtitles YouTube can also use its speech recognition technology to automatically create captions for your videos and they can be automatically be published on your video. Automatica captions can be in many languages, including English, Dutch, German, Korean, Spanish, etc.

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Allavsoft for Mac

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