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F4V to MP4 Converter - Convert F4V to MP4 on Mac or Windows

Convert F4V to MP4 to Add F4V to iTunes, iPad, iPhone, Android, QuickTime, etc.

Issues referring playing F4V files

  • Who can kindly recommend a F4V to MP4 Converter so that I can convert F4V to Mac more compatible MP4 to play F4V in iTunes or QuickTime?
  • My iPad can not directly import F4V files, how to convert F4V to MP4 which is more supported by iPad.
  • I need a safe way and free of virus. because i have a couple .f4v videos and they don't play on my Zune 8gb
  • Im looking to convert a F4V file to MP4 which can be played on the playstation, does anyone know a program that can do this? Never heard of a F4V file before so i have no idea where to begin. I think it could possibly be carrying codecs which the PS3 is not recognizing? I have no idea, does anyone know what i can do so that it plays on the PS3?
  • I have some videos files in .f4v format, while I cant play them on my Android Samsung Galaxy. Someone tell me to convert .f4v to .mp4, however until now I have not find a F4V to MP4 Converter.

F4V to MP4 Converter

In order to convert F4V to MP4, we need a third-party app. Allavsoft is highly recommended due to its high efficiency and free of virus and ads. With it, you can fast convert F4V to MP4, WMV, MKV, MOV, FLV, etc. on Mac or Windows, so as to import F4V to most media player as well as portable devices like iTunes, ipad, iphone, Android, QuickTime, etc.

Besides converting F4V to MP4, Allavsoft is also specialized in downloading streaming videos from most websites like YouTube, Vimeo, MTV, Dailymotion, eHow, Metacafe, etc.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Convert F4V to MP4

Below is an elaborate guidance showing the simple steps about converting F4V to MP4

Make Preparation: Free download F4V to MP4 converter-Allavsoft

Free download the professional F4V to MP4 converter for Mac or WindowsFree download the professional CAF converter for Mac - Allavsoft ( for Windows , for Mac) , install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.

F4V to MP4 Converter

Situation 1 Convert F4V to MP4

If the F4V video has been downloaded and stored in your computer, please follow the below guidance to convert F4V to MP4.

Step 1 Add F4V videos

First go to the Convert tab, then click the "Browse..." button to locate and add your .f4v video to the F4V to MP4 Converter

Convert F4V to MP4

Step 2 Convert F4V to MP4

Click the "Convert" button to start and finish converting F4V to MP4.

Situation 2: Download online F4V video to MP4

If you want to download the online F4V video to MP4, please follow step by step guide to download F4V to MP4.

Step 1 Paste F4V URL

First go the Download tab, then copy the URL of the F4V video and then paste it to the F4V to MP4 Downloader

Download F4V to MP4

Tips: batch F4V to MP4 downloading is available through paste multiple URLs.

Step 2 Download F4V to MP4

Click the Download button finish downloading F4V to MP4.

Brief Review of F4V

F4V, short for Flash Video, similar to FLV, was created by Adobe Company, in order to meet the needs of HD streaming video, which supports H.264 codec. Because of its small body and clear image, F4V is widely applied by most web-sharing sites. However, it is incompatible to some video players because of only can be streamed with a Flash Player. One simple solution to this issue is to convert F4V to more popular video format like MP4.

Video Downloader/Converter

Allavsoft for Mac

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